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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Series Idea

I'm considering starting a new blog series where I go through some of the major confessions of faith and give some of my personal thoughts about their theological accuracy and balance in the light of (at least my current understanding of) Scripture.

Confessions would, perhaps, include the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message (this might be up first, as it is shorter and very relevant to my context--I may get some interesting feedback from personal friends!); the Augsburg Confession (a Lutheran document); and the Westminster Confession of Faith (a Presbyterian confession). It's possible to also include sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, although it is extraordinarily long and highly philosophical instead of being primarily scriptural, due to the Catholic Church's view of the authority of Tradition. So that might be a waste of time. But we'll see. I may also go on from the Westminster Confession to discuss the Westminster Larger Catechism. Who knows how long I'll actually keep this whole thing up.

Right now it's just an idea. If you get a chance, let me know what you think!


Chris Krycho said...

You might also think about looking at the 2nd London Confession, which formed the background and indeed the actual charter for many Baptist churches up through the mid 1800s (and a significant though decreasing number after that, including some churches in the SBC even today).

S. T. said...

ah yes I forgot about that; maybe I could at least touch on the parts of 1689 that are significantly different than Westminster. we'll see!