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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Banquet of Solid Food

I love the book of Romans. Being God's infinitely rich Word, I haven't come close to plumbing the depths of it despite two years of studying it deeply; but still, I can honestly say that the glories revealed therein are inexpressible in words...words me to describe the kind of power these promises have. That's largely due, I think, to the fact that Romans is very much about the gospel. Chapter 3 especially gets at the heart of the gospel, and Chapter 8 extends into eternity past and eternity future describing implications of the gospel for believers. What could be more beautiful?

I also love the idea of preaching. I also love writing. However, I'm not a published author and don't pretend to be a preacher. Nevertheless, I thought it would be beneficial to myself and perhaps to some others to start a series on my blog--having cleared older posts off of it--and go through Romans in a "written sermonic" format. This will help me to make sure I understand Romans well structually; it will help me to apply the main points of this book to my life; and hopefully, for interested readers, it will feed them more of God's Word and encourage their souls. Also, it is good head start sermon preparation practice for me in case I ever find myself in a capacity of regular preaching. Because...who knows?

So if you are interested in feasting your souls on Christ through His Word by going through Romans with me, this series may be for you!

Depending on the kinds of comments I get, I may or may not actually respond to them on the blog. You can message me directly on Facebook or something and depending on the topic, we can talk about it more there.

Enjoy God's Word with me!


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